About Programming CSharp

My name is Valentin Anghel and I am a .NET developer. I am from Romania (Dracula’s country). I started to code in C# from the 1st year of the university and I really love it. I was born in 1995, so I am pretty young in this business.

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Valentin Anghel

My primary focus is on ASP.NET Core because I am a web developer. I have worked with ASP.NET Webforms (a nightmare if you ask me), and ASP.NET MVC 5, and now I am only working with .NET Core.

In my day-to-day job, I work mainly with Azure, Docker, and SQL Server.

First, I started a Romanian blog about programming (https://lectiiprogramare.ro), but I abandoned it after I started this blog.

I am also the owner of Randommer, a website for generating all kinds of data, including text, numbers, hashes, movies, and other kinds of data. This website also has an API available, so you can use it. 

I am working in financial systems, and I like to spend time reading articles about economics, the stock exchange, and companies. Of course, Microsoft is my favorite one, even if many people hate it, because it’s offering the best for all types of people and companies at a reasonable price.

A funny thing about my relationship with Microsoft is that I own some shares of the company. I told you that I am a fan. 

One quality that will help you is to know tricks, libraries, methods, and different techniques that will help you to write better code faster. That’s why I write a lot about these subjects.