Chrome and Edge Extensions for Developers

Chrome and Edge extensions for developers

I am a big fan of extensions and plugins for any software. I like to enhance the features of any application. In the article 12 Visual Studio Extensions, I’ve presented a couple of VS extensions that can enhance your development time. Today’s article will give you a presentation of my browser extensions. These plugins are for Chrome or Edge browsers, … Read more

How to create a Robots.txt file in ASP.NET Core

SEO tips for ASP.NET programmers

A robots.txt file tells the crawlers where they are allowed to scrape the website. You can tell the search engines which links you don’t want to index. You can indicate where a sitemap is located. A robot’s text file is not mandatory, but it’s recommended because you make crawling easier for robots. For example, maybe your sitemap is located elsewhere … Read more

ASP.NET Minification using WebMarkupMin

WebMarkupMin Library

The minification process is one of the most important steps to improve the speed of your website. The minification goal is to decrease the size of the files and resources sent to the users. This process implies removing unnecessary symbols, white characters, and redundant code. It also means rewriting your code to take up as little space as possible. For … Read more

8 Tips For ASP.NET SEO


Few ASP.NET programmers know search engine optimization. This article wants to be a short introduction for them. I will only present things that you, as a .NET developer, can do. I will don’t bother with what keywords to use. Your primary mission is to offer an excellent experience for your website users, and the SEO will improve. Measure the website … Read more