C# Web Scraping and Automation

C# Scraping and Web Automation

I think every programmer tries to automate some of their tasks. Once, one of my colleagues created an app that checked the cinema website in order to book a ticket to a Star Wars movie. In C# the are many ways to scrape a website or automate a flow on a website. Here is a list of possible options: Selenium … Read more

Add Captcha in your ASP.NET Core Website

Add Captcha in ASP.NET Core

Nowadays, if you have a form that is publicly available, you must have a captcha in order to stop bots to post spammy data. Add your site to the reCaptcha console ReCaptcha is the most popular captcha service on the Internet. It’s offered for free by Google. You must create an account and add your site to the admin console. … Read more

AJAX Calls in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

AJAX Calls Razor Pages

Razor Pages is a new programming model in ASP.NET Core. Instead of the MVC model, this programming model is based on page routes. Each page is separated into two files: one for the backend and the other one for the frontend. Razor Pages only works with GET and POST methods. A page will contain two methods: OnGet and OnPost. Handle … Read more

The Best Guide to Enhance Your Career as a C# Developer

Guide Juniors

This is a step-by-step guide for C# junior programmers to enhance their programming skills. I have seen this Reddit post where a junior asks about what should he do to enhance his .NET skill. I remember when I was an entry-level .NET programmer and I had the same question several years ago. Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the 10000 hours rule. … Read more

Implement Identity On Existing ASP.NET Project

ASP.NET Identity

ASP.NET Identity is a .NET library that allows you to easily implement a user management system for your application. It offers out of the box the following: registration, login, two-factor authentication, external login providers, email confirmation, security roles, and claims. If you create an application from start, you have the option to choose to add the Identity. What if you … Read more