Optimize Your Code: A Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Common C# Pitfalls

Optimize Your Code: A Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Common C# Pitfalls

Ignoring the Dispose Method This is by far the worst thing that happens to many juniors. The IDisposable interface is implemented in many classes. This interface has a single method called Dispose. This method is used to free unmanaged resources like database connections, file streams, or unmanaged memory. In C# you can call directly the Dispose method or you can … Read more

Master C# Operators: Top 12 Interview Questions

C# Interview Questions title

Operators’ questions are trendy for C# job interviews. Usually, the interviewers ask the juniors for quizzes regarding operators, but you can also receive these types of questions. So let’s start to prepare with some questions: What will be printed? Console.WriteLine(‘a’+’b’+’c’); Answer: 294, because the summation of chars will give you a number. First, the chars are converted to the ASCII … Read more

.NET Core Interview Questions

.NET Core Interview Questions Title

As a .NET developer, I have been in many interviews at companies like Microsoft, Deloitte, and others from Forbes 500. A big part of the interviews was about data structures and algorithms. I also received many .NET Core and ASP.NET questions. I will try to give you the questions that appear the most in the interviews. What is SOLID? The … Read more

Razor Pages vs MVC – Which One is the Best for Your Project?

Razor Pages vs MVC

In ASP.NET, most developers use one of the two architectural patterns to build web Applications: Razor Pages and Model View Controller. They are slightly different in structure and development approach. This GitHub issue is why Microsoft tends to bring the Razor Pages in front of .NET documentation. More people commented against Razor Pages, but others came up with some advantages … Read more