Solving FizzBuzz Problem In C#

Solving FizzBuzz Problem

FizzBuzz problem is a simple algorithm test given in interviews. I think I received this at least five times. So you will probably also receive it at your following interview. The problem sounds like this: Write a program that prints the number from 1 to N: If an integer is divisible by 3, then print Fizz. In case it is … Read more

Rin – Request/Response Inspector Middleware for ASP.NET Core

Request/Response Inspector Middleware for ASP.NET Core

Rin is a .NET library for ASP.NET Core, which inspects the requests and responses of the application. Like MiniProfiler, Rin is a middleware that captures the traffic between the application and the user. It shows you a friendly UI about the requests in the browser. You can see how much time the request took and each method in particular. Using … Read more

How to create a Robots.txt file in ASP.NET Core

SEO tips for ASP.NET programmers

A robots.txt file tells the crawlers where they are allowed to scrape the website. You can tell the search engines which links you don’t want to index. You can indicate where a sitemap is located. A robot’s text file is not mandatory, but it’s recommended because you make crawling easier for robots. For example, maybe your sitemap is located elsewhere … Read more

How to get back the old Console Project in .NET 6

Visual Studio Console Project

Since .NET 6, Microsoft has changed the template for the console project. From now on, the console template will use top-level statements. Using new features like global usings and file-scoped namespaces, .NET allows you to write the code statements directly without boilerplate code. Most programmers hate this new project style that removes the Main method and the default using statements. … Read more