Implement Identity On Existing ASP.NET Project

ASP.NET Identity

ASP.NET Identity is a .NET library that allows you to easily implement a user management system for your application. It offers out of the box the following: registration, login, two-factor authentication, external login providers, email confirmation, security roles, and claims. If you create an application from start, you have the option to choose to add the Identity. What if you … Read more

Generate strings from a Regex pattern in C#

Fare library - Generate strings from Regex

Regular Expressions (aka Regex) are popular because it lets validate your data.  Developers use them to validate input controls for emails, phone numbers, or usernames. In .NET we have the Regex class which can validate a string based on a pattern.  What if you want to generate a string from a pattern, instead of validating it. Then you can use … Read more

ASP.NET Minification using WebMarkupMin

WebMarkupMin Library

The minification process is one of the most important steps to improve the speed of your website. The minification goal is to decrease the size of the files and resources sent to the users. This process implies removing unnecessary symbols, white characters, and redundant code. It also implies rewriting your code to take up as little space as possible. For … Read more

AVIF image format in ASP.NET Core

AVIF Image Format

AVIF is a new image format that is similar to WebP. It offers better compression and more quality per byte. Big websites like Netflix use it to show images to users. Currently, AVIF is only supported by some browsers, but that will change in the near future. Why use the AVIF format? Using image formats like WebP and AVIF increases … Read more

MiniProfiler – ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Profiler

MiniProfiler - ASP.NET Profiler

Every time when I create a new ASP.NET website, MiniProfiler is one of the first NuGet packages that I download. MiniProfiler is like Dapper a library offered by StackExchange, the owners of StackOverflow This library gives me insights into how much time it takes a request, it shows you the trace of the execution thread and other insights that can … Read more