Solving FizzBuzz Problem In C#

Solving FizzBuzz Problem

FizzBuzz problem is a simple algorithm test given in interviews. I think I received this at least five times. So you will probably also receive it at your following interview. The problem sounds like this: Write a program that prints the number from 1 to N: If an integer is divisible by 3, then print Fizz. In case it is … Read more

Rin – Request/Response Inspector Middleware for ASP.NET Core

Request/Response Inspector Middleware for ASP.NET Core

Rin is a .NET library for ASP.NET Core, which inspects the requests and responses of the application. Like MiniProfiler, Rin is a middleware that captures the traffic between the application and the user. It shows you a friendly UI about the requests in the browser. You can see how much time the request took and each method in particular. Using … Read more

Chrome and Edge Extensions for Developers

Chrome and Edge extensions for developers

I am a big fan of extensions and plugins for any software. I like to enhance the features of any application. In the article 12 Visual Studio Extensions, I’ve presented a couple of VS extensions that can enhance your development time. Today’s article will give you a presentation of my browser extensions. These plugins are for Chrome or Edge browsers, … Read more

How to create a Robots.txt file in ASP.NET Core

SEO tips for ASP.NET programmers

A robots.txt file tells the crawlers where they are allowed to scrape the website. You can tell the search engines which links you don’t want to index. You can indicate where a sitemap is located. A robot’s text file is not mandatory, but it’s recommended because you make crawling easier for robots. For example, maybe your sitemap is located elsewhere … Read more