Implementing Singleton Pattern In C#

Singleton Pattern

Singleton is a creational design pattern. I think even a junior developer should know at least this design pattern. It’s the most used design pattern and is simple. This pattern solves the problem when you want to have only one instance. For example, let’s think about a connection to a server. You don’t want to open multiple connections from the … Read more

Solving FizzBuzz Problem In C#

Solving FizzBuzz Problem

FizzBuzz problem is a simple algorithm test given in interviews. I think I received this at least five times. So you will probably also receive it at your following interview. The problem sounds like this: Write a program that prints the number from 1 to N: If an integer is divisible by 3, then print Fizz. In case it is … Read more

Rin – Request/Response Inspector Middleware for ASP.NET Core

Request/Response Inspector Middleware for ASP.NET Core

Rin is a .NET library for ASP.NET Core, which inspects the requests and responses of the application. Like MiniProfiler, Rin is a middleware that captures the traffic between the application and the user. It shows you a friendly UI about the requests in the browser. You can see how much time the request took and each method in particular. Using … Read more